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the greatest wealth is good health

massage therapy
Deep tissue massage

Integrative therapeutic bodywork for pain relief, injury recovery, to help calm the nervous system and to relax the mind and the body. Incorporating deep tissue, swedish, neuromuscular and myofascial techniques.


Each session is customized to meet your needs.

30 minutes.....$50
60 minutes.....$80
75 minutes.....$95
90 minutes.....$110

Add hot stones to any treatment with Leah for $10

Focused, deep pressure pin-pointing reflex points on the feet and ankles that correlate to other parts of the body. Used to address  a variety of ailments from headaches to sinus and stomach issues, reflexology works to help provide balance and overall healing.

30 minutes.....$50
60 minutes.....$80

This menu is a little different.  Instead of a list of different facials to choose from, simply choose the length of treatment time.  Each facial is customized according to the needs of your skin.

120 minutes.....$195
90 minutes....$140
60 minutes.....$105
30 minutes.....$75

Add On's

Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment.....$20
Warmed coconut oil is massaged into the scalp and hair. Coconut oil has been found to block UV rays and help hair damaged from the sun and over processing. 

CBD Neck and Shoulder Massage.....$20
Reduces tension and pain in the upper body.  Locally sourced CBD oil combined with gentle Swedish massage.
Proudly using these professional products: SkinScript,  Esthemax and DermaplanePro; as well as MyoLift600 Microcurrent and LightStim LED therapies.  Special considerations for allergies and sensitive skin.   Please visit for more detailed information on our Aesthetics services.
body treatments
Ayurvedic Body Wrap     80 minutes.....$140
This treatment begins with a gentle dry brush exfoliation, starting at the feet and going towards the heart.  Warmed herbal oils are then rhythmically massaged in the skin, and you are wrapped for the duration of the treatment. This is a meditative treatment, encouraging a quiet mind and physical relaxation, as well as nourishing the skin.  Perfect for times of stress, life transitions, and recovering from illness.  Pairs wonderfully with a 30 minute facial or a coconut oil scalp treatment.

Back Treatment      50 minutes.....$95
Perfect for wedding or beach season,  or just having clear, smooth skin on your back.  Cleansing, toning, steam, exfoliating, deep pore cleanse, massage, and mask.  

waxing & tinting
Waxing services
Cirepil and Amber wax products are used.  Both hard and soft wax, according to skin sensitivity. 








Half Leg.....$30

Full Leg.....$70

Tinting Services
A lovely alternative to makeup, a semi-permanent, vegetable-based dye provides color for 3-5 weeks.



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